Monthly Archives: November 2013

When the Pendulum Swings

The brief hesitation at the top of the swing

where some things happen

and the swing back

where nothing happens

and the arc between where

some things happen and some things


until the pendulum slowly stops

and the poverty we live through

and the eternity we end in

appears to all of us whether we

want it or don’t

don’t we?


Jack McGuane


A house in a tornado of sound

A spaceship heft with music


Imagine you were hammering

on that house for the first time, hammering

in the basement, on the roof, Thor finding roof

with your hammer, all anti-gravity, finding where

the shingles go, floating loose with your steering wheel ear


Could you imagine if you were

the architect and the carpenter and got

to hold that fucking hammer


What if you were holding

that fucking hammer on your spaceship,

Miles above Earth, banging out the orbit,

inventing the most important work

in the Universe