boys i have known

willis said he could live
with a thousand cats they were black
and white kittens skittering & skooching
across the wooden floors
and there really were a thousand
cockroaches one twin mattress
and a bass
the bass was the most valuable
thing he owned and finally sold
to go out west and follow
some raja moonie with a lot
of mercedes benzs
i met him when he was walking
through the jazz bar & restaurant
where i worked he was picking
the food from unfinished plates
left on the tables and eating it my boss
told him to stop or he was going
to have to throw him out
this was at a time
when i had lots of bad luck
with men & after willis fucked me
on his twin mattress on the floor
surrounded by cockroaches & kittens
he walked over to the phone
and called some woman
named ruby

wendy shaffer


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