Small’s Paradise

Steeping T’s to skip the kippers
of knippers oh the fun of words
that sling swing barbs
softer than cat claws never flaying
the poet to skinless boneless
state of amputated innocent
delighting in disdain for
another one has indeed bitten dust
gnashed teeth gnarled at snarled roots
oh how meaningful this love of every creature
comfort — Make glad even the Small pox goddess
all of the Long Johns found Silver for Roy who got
lots of land to reroll bandaid go sustain sun which
is blue to all the truth of nonviolence
How will we make the wings of angels and have
love for all are victims Mortally bound to all Holes
a tree of life
was a butterfly
then ta da —
what is the next stage
ask Lily Rose Zebra

Marian Andrade

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