Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Growing List

Two subjects I abhor, all we ever hear,
myself and poetry.
Isn’t there something else to put down
on the paper?

Myself and poetry
Now and then a war,
that’s often in the paper,
a good reason to be outraged.

I said now and then a war,
aren’t you listening?
Your inattention is outrageous
I’m saying a war here.

You’re not listening,
war, baby, war. Me, poetry, war.,
Your lack of attention is outrageous
sometimes “luv” and cancer

Me, poetry, war,
it’s so boring, every new poem,
sometimes “luv” and cancer
it’s all we ever hear

It’s so boring, every new poem,
me, poetry, war, “luv”, cancer
subjects I abhor. And folklore.

Jack McGuane

a roman holiday

give thanks to excess
invaders celebrating
rape and gluttony