bedtime story (the title is superfluous)

shiny pants
coat & tie slippery
hot saturday afternoon
a lawyer
down bar
texting in
a deposition
w/a shot & a beer
hard to tell
whos doing who
a titty bartender
flatters him back
. . . can she get what hes got
without sodomy or a verdict
down on th gold coast
. . . probably with & without
& i’ll hang around
as her genuine
backdoor man
. . . for fullcourt control
he calls to th poet bailif
excuse me
i ignore the charge
how do you spell victim
he yells
entrapting a witness
victim or victum?
i-em    i shout
as if the phonics prove
in this charade
if he cant spell it
is it mistrial
or just well hung
. . . justice @ th side bar

Jim Lang

One thought on “bedtime story (the title is superfluous)

  1. ke says:

    i like any poem that has a bar in it

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