everything at giant eagle

everything at giant eagle is 3.98
says my brother
we sing
happy day
whoa happy days
in the kitchen
while the goddess
rains down on cleveland
& i lick the aluminum wrapper
of a stale candy bar

this is when my friends remind me
that i don’t eat candy
or when i tell you
that it’s sugar free

i’ve got good friends whose bodies
are trying to quit on them
right now
but 21st century western medicine
is working its expensive magic

i just know that when my body
decides it’s over
i’ve got to let it go
since i’m on a budget
health insurance plan
that doesn’t account
for my budget

all i know
is aretha’s food stamp card
is flush at midnight
& only giant eagle is open

my brother will pick out four
items at 3.98
and neither my brother or aretha
will be hungry
tomorrow morning.

wendy shaffer

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