Monthly Archives: June 2009

saturday morning soaking

raining cats and dogs
but the dogs will not go out
fear of falling cats


the killing at helen’s

this morning
a hooded man
bends over a streetcross
arranging flowers
in the solid grey rain

wendy shaffer

sparrow feet

insanity hops
thru my brain
on stinky brown
sparrow stick feet

the radio saws
at my whitegirl middleclass
manufactured pain

every day i thank the goddess

for dropping me
into this united states
my clitoris

for the rapist
who let me live

for my little house in the ghetto
my good neighbors
poverty class
working class
& outofwork class

most of all
for this pure blunt whitegrey
cleveland sky
one cloud
eating all of us

wendy shaffer

Raising Eyebrows

When I saw the ring that pierces your brown eyebrow
I wondered if you were chained at night,
or if the angels had lowered you from heaven,
or if I did such a thing
what my grandson might say.

I asked him.

He gave me the high sign
and said “go girl”.

Marsha Sweet

not a haiku

school bus from alabama
driver blasts creedance clearwater
swinging jesus on his cross
& living chickens bound
speeding around
the mountains
of guatemala

wendy shaffer