Monthly Archives: April 2009


hanging on the cross
just a Friday afternoon
for catholic kids


What binds us

I look at the cross on the wall
& think of death & pain &
Martyrs & symbols that inspire
Us to love & find that there is
A price to pay for being human
A longing that beats our heart
& whispers tears into our eyes
Do we no longer possess the
Courage to believe in something
Greater than ourselves have we
Become so arrogant or just
Apathetic worshiping artifice
From a chair in a room caught
In the light of an oncoming
Catastrophe that we are simply
Powerless to stop glued to the
Words of strangers


snow in april

my bad attitude —
the snow falling in april
ruining my day

wendy shaffer

fog squat

sunless day brings rain
the fog squats over cleveland
powder puff lady

wendy shaffer

dirge for vacant homes

dirge for vacant homes
the deluged future string songs
the grey grey morning

wendy shaffer