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microsoft spellcheck
does not recognize CUNT
i think that is SAD!



garbage pails in bloom
thank god it’s effin’ friday
kiss ass one more day

wendy shaffer


how our dog will try to bite another dog just cuz it’s mad at top dog. because
top dog won’t let it bark; top dog calls our dog names. the collar, the symbolic
object of restraint. or a cage and how our dog has no say in its destiny. how our
dog knows it’s being talked to by yr tone. catch & release. catch & release it
from its cage. how a dog is an object. stand up. sit down. on, off. on, off.
enrage. a dog who is used to being bit so it doesn’t yelp when you do it again.

Lady K


he’d look in the rear view mirror

if anyone was behind him he’d change lanes
so they could turn right at the stop lights

don’t you? he said

why, I never thought of it

most people are assholes, he said, and as we came
to a stop he squinted and rear ended the ghost in
front of us

Lady K


Correcting the corrector for the crime of
correcting a crime is a crime

I do it all the time

Aristotle was a policeman on the Beat

You look at the tile one way, and it projects
outward. You look at it another way, it pops back

They say Zen is a con game designed to stifle
inquiry, Ouroboros

Eat yr tail

Lady K


I am a trudging drudging grudging curmudgeon.


wendy shaffer

A Couple of Murders

so very pat
talking about
the life that was

24 years old
has much potential
28 years old
has no capacity
to bury a younger brother

condolences are ridicule
sympathy a joke

songs and epic poems
will be written and performed
by no one who was there

arrests and charges
will and will not

no death penalty
will bring life back

yet feeling the kick
of the hammer
sending 357 lead
through heart or head

would bring release


economic indicators

i’ve availed myself to the information
     what i do with it is how i will be remembered

a million transgressions
    got me to this point
heartbreak has job security in a depression
obligation to make money

even buddha’s been cheapened for me
it’s the double edgeness of any compliment
I wasn’t sure if it was stand up or poetry
    as you were not sitting on this side of my eyes

pennies flattened for scrap
open negotiations a must

I was able to feel my heart today
    after days of being content

the disconnection notice is a sign it’s too late


Take Me Up (or Plato’s Prayer)

Take me up, blue moon, to a place of perfect light and black,

All shining, all aspiring to the circular, the perfect circular orbing
beyond question,

No questions, just the mystery of a geometry

That just makes sense, beyond sense.

Elizabeth Hayes

hunting for easter

dyed eggs suck
sometimes the color seeps through
sometimes you find them
weeks later
with your nose
my parents used to hide
so I would wake up easter morning
then I realized
money sucks too
don’t hide something
if you don’t want to know
how much
no one cares
where it is