my street

a robin trots across the last march
frost turf treelawn on the treeless street
my street
the ugliest in cleveland
where the hump shrinking old woman walks
her three small unleashed dogs
where the latin kings gang boy’s little
sisters call after me
for popsicles in summer
where the long hair guitar man cracks
another one & throws it down —
lovely —
where i am just one of two cat ladies,
new crops of fertilized kitties crying
at us each year
where this united states raises the grit the sinew
the muscle & the mouth
to invade foreign
lands & maim & rape
& kill all the while
thinking they are right

my street

last night a muslim sufi* on a movie screen
told me he will love
those who love him
and he will love
those who hate him —

good morning goddess!
how good to know
we are one!
that my head touches the earth
across oceans
for the same spirit
of love

wendy shaffer
*Yousou D’Nour

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