Slumdog Uterus

Slumdog Millionaire.
Slumdog uterus.
Fertility drug octuplets.
Economies of scale.
Scalable technology.
Scaling the Matterhorn.
Madder than a Hatter.
Madoff with the money.
Row, row, row your boat.
Ship of fools.
Greater fool theory.
Cheese grater.
Shake cheese.
Sheikh of Djibouti.
KC and the Sunshine Band.
Revenuer’s moonshine.
Sea of Tranquility.
Panic selling.
Panic buying.
Don’t panic.
A man who always knows where his towel is.
Dirk Gently down the stream.
Chantilly lace.
Linda Lovelace.
Clockwork Orange.
Agent orange.
Agent 99.
Operation Chaos.
Secret police.
Group policy.
Group sex.
Advocacy group.
Judge Advocate General.
Mick Jagger.
We all need someone we can . . .
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Eric Clapton,
Life is but a
To sleep perchance to

Terrence Provost*
*to read more of Terrence Provost’s poetry, click on link “Chomsky in Chains”


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