Splitting Hairs

“Product . . . terminus.
We waited for enumeration.”

I have been forgotten,
but I have not forgiven.
I will take that to my grave.
It’s not about pleasure I’m speaking,
but disburdened grief.
There’s no market for what’s been lost,
but the market for what’s to come:
goods that are clever, but not exempt.

People are biblical.
Trees are bare.
The family’s nuclear.
The State, like god,
is a weapon of mass destruction.
Things are buried that
earth has no need for.
Time suspends them
like plastic sprouts.

I don’t expect kindness now, or justice.
Our claim to those are past.
A backbone’s lack is not a failure
to avenge, but a promise I’ll keep.
Humanity disfigures you.
Inhumanity disqualifies you.
Both lead you to believe in things
like numbers that do not lie.

Look with the hurricane eye;
see about the wind & attempt.

Adam Brodsky


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