wild life

stress is looking for an outfit
swaggers off the gangplank
splashes a tequila shot
ricochets off
a mirror-balled zipper
squeeze the spandex right out of those
late night breakfast specials
at least one
pierced eyebrow raised

coyote circles eternal
hunger with yellow eyes
cuts off
the urban umbilical cord
flea worn bitch lays a swollen litter
licks their birth away
seven newborns claim their teats
suck the moonless stars
to life

Juicy heels and Hardy sneaks
play grownups
on the blacktop
nature syncs the concrete forest
with canine howls
abandoned churches grow
empty lots and decaying bus stops
stress uncovers an unlimited capacity
for self denial

unlucky jacket lucky tattoo
matching feathered couplets
glean 2 cents worth a cratered tongue
the taste of neon whispers and cigarettes
four more bathroom stalls til dawn
broken sunglasses
put the sky back up over
a broken city
where it used to belong

kimberley diamond bones


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