forgotten rose

I am a beautiful woman who farts.

I am the cow-skinned kettle
who is not allowed to scream

I am the flesh log
where you sharpen your love

I pretend I am the dark
my dreams all deboned
& frolicking in mildew & filth

I am a ragtag concerto of misplaced grimaces

I am the stomp & coo of your wretched imagination

I am the iceberg heart melting bloody piss
all over your fancy leather shoes

I am an emotional terrorist
(ready for war)

I am the shredded maple
wilting in an uncertain blast of memory

Stroke my brain cells
Make me buzz

I am the one who never forgets
to argue with my dead mother

I am squalling orange curses for effect

I am the hole you are digging
for the future

Pretend that you know me
berserk in my dildo pumping brain
Crack me open with your crawling insult

I am the burp of summer inside the ice cube of your frown

I am death valley pressed
between wax paper
a forgotten rose

I am the buzzard who assaults the wrinkling tree lawn

I am the endless drip hookah pipe relax
& get to know me

I am the high velocity whirr
of scythe blades
on a tiny patch of urban grass —
Listen for the enemy

I am Saturday morning pressed
between pillows, delicious
golden apple
refusing reentry

There are stacks of fresh salted yawns in the tv chair
Please —
Make yourself comfortable

I am the one note of saxophone
sanctifying the dark

It doesn’t matter how many rattlesnake promises
I tuck into sleep —
I am still the valley that ends in a ditch

wendy shaffer

One thought on “forgotten rose

  1. ke says:

    Do beautiful women really fart? Amazing…

    Great poem / wonderful imagery! Made me laugh & think at the same time (had to stop chewing my gum).

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