Monthly Archives: September 2008

Peace comes

Peace comes
In the middle of the action
Now and again
To insert into the war
Without end
It’s an old story.
I thought you’d have it figured out by now.

Where are my armies?

Where did I place my battlefields?

Christ, these high tech weapons are fucking it up

these night scopes and precision strikes

and Blackhawk blades slicing the air

like metronomes messing up time

never in sync.

Makes me lose the devil in the details.

I’ve managed to lose my war,

If you can imagine such a thing.

Why did it have to get so modern?

Joan of Arc went to battle with nothing

but the voices in her head

And a well sharpened sword.

Salah-addin was a gentleman and even when he defeated me

I loved him more.

Washington was resolute, quiet with his stealth

And he had very good posture.

I’m nostalgic for a good war.

Peace comes

In the middle of the action

To interrupt all of this.

Once Einstein said, “I don’t know what

World War III will be fought with, but

World War IV will be fought with sticks and rocks.”

In the middle of the action the peace comes.

Charlotte Mann

The haunting

I’ve started listening
To records again the
Vinyl music of rustic
Background noise of
Hiss & pop & crackle
A different experience
Seems more alive
More delicate & more
Sensual you can hear
The abandon of ghosts
Before computers
Exorcised them &
Made them obsolete
I remember nights of
Writing & wine & I
Was alone & yet the
Spinning sounds gave
Me comfort like they
Wanted me to hear
Their imperfections &
I was glad to oblige &
Still am



How complicated is a flower
From seed to sod to sun &

Over & over the cycle repeats
Until time decides enough is

Enough it’s all so simple with
A bit of luck to break up the

Monotony there is no secret
& there is no answer only

Beauty & fragrance & the
Violence of bees


One Thing

I stink at fulfillment.

Letting moment after moment of possibility slip by,

sometimes there are just too many to make up my mind.

I manage to sit between them, avoiding each one.

There is something I will eventually get to,

and if I knew what it was,

I wouldn’t be





I know a lot of people
believe in peace
and harmony.

I don’t.

I believe barriers
cause friction
which allows heat
to energize us
and reach within

over those barricades
and get where
we want to go,

with veins popping
sweat grinding away
our efforts to continue,

and some one

give them a hand
not to save
but out of respect
due a fellow warrior.

Steve Thomas

I work the second shift

I work the second shift
At night when I come home
I open the refrigerator and
I eat something simple
Already prepared
Yesterday’s white rice
I do this not
Because I am too tired to put the food in a pot and place it
on the stove
But because
It is simpler to
Take something
Just as it is
Love is like this
You don’t have to think put me in a bowl and heat me in
the microwave
You’re perfect just the way you are.
A hundred single kernels of delicious white rice.

Russell Vidrick