Monthly Archives: July 2008

shoe drops

among the wild buttercups
a broken umbrella lays open
underneath an unswung set
bent and rusted

shattered rolling rock bottles
hidden in coarse uneven grass

a few surviving tatters of Mexican pink
waterproofed polyester
an upside down plastic flamingo handle
the beak now a dull yellow gray

an unmovable teeter totter
one side up
one side down
a thick heavy board grown with splinters

there is blood
dried, unseen
on one of the ragged green horse headed edges
she used to

cut and swing
cut and swing

watching the blood
her clearance rack designer shoes

dangle and swing
dangle and swing

she doesn’t want to die

just eventually
or even let anyone know she was ever here

so eventually when she doesn’t die

she hides in mojitos and house music
banging her head against the headboard
saving up her unspent nightmares

she wakes and wonders where she is
who is there

she believes in struggle
she counts
the dollars and cents she never has never needs

losing or leaving her umbrellas
somewhere along the way

at least
she can still wear the same shoes
classic, timeless,


Kimberley Diamond Bones

jacky amy miriam diantha sarah

visited overnite
th father bachelor
when hz love
had been drained
into hz absent kids
no sparks left
as we walked
by th lake
no despiration
to dodge lonliness
in th breast
of th past
i always believe
that next
th prettyer breast