The Second Date

you seated across from me
in my office
as you were
one week earlier

your face pale and drawn
evincing the pain and drain
that attends to finding
one’s friend has
a serious medical condition

i study your face
see the age and condition
and think
of the past 24 hours

we sat here
me on your lap
face to face
your hands running
down my back and legs
as i held on

if i take any step
it will be closer
if i cannot take you
as you are in this moment
i cannot take that step

decision made
walk through door
flip switch

at my house
you raise issue
of an ex of yours
at that moment
i realize
no matter

decision made
flip switch

there are some roads one walks alone
decisions are made in the silence between kisses
once it’s done you can’t take it back

flip switch


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