Monthly Archives: January 2008

Dreamin’ Dreams You’ll Never Know

She’s the queen of blues.
Smilin’ with the one tooth
She’s got left singin’
“Baby your man’s been cheatin’ on us”
Gotta raspy voice whalin’
Cuttin’ thick like through the fog,
Comin’ down under a blue black light.
And if you lookin’ just right
she’s beautiful
just like that awkward old dog with the straight face
that blew your mind
with the most beautiful smile
All of God ever made.
And her music holds you,
Just like you always wanted holdin’,
Rememberin’ those dark nights
All alone in your bed
When things wouldn’t quit
climbin’ up the stairs.
And the old man next to you
Is a tall brown toothpick breathin’
red light life
dreamin’ dreams you’ll never know.
And the kid next to you with all the hair
is lookin’ like he just
crawled out from a turtle
that fell from the sky.
And you watch all that beauty
Twistin’ on that old condemned stage.
She’s just an old Michelin tire
and she’s turning you to oil,
Braggin’ how she’ll drink ya
make her fine motor hum.
And her soul is cryin’ freedom
Yellin’ Moses show the way.
And the cross is a step around the corner.
And the truth is a breath of fresh air comin’
from a crack between the door.

Russell Vidrick