The salt of the earth
Peppers my perception
Of who I am & who I
Want to be when I
Grow up / how long
Does it take to grow up
To get where you want
To be only to lose it to
Age & ancestors past
& present / how if I had
A shovel to dig my way
Out where would I pile
The dirt so no one else
Would know it / I would
Drop myself back in to
Be a seed of intimacy
A little bit of you & a
Little bit of me / to grow
Old with flowers twining
& wild weeds winding
Mixing elixirs to keep
The cold away / to keep
The old away awhile
Longer / I’ve yet to do
All the young things I
No longer desire / I
Get so awful tired of


One thought on “A WISTFUL OF BOTHERS

  1. kathy says:

    I like this one lots. Salt and pepper, thee and thou

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