Sitting on my deck
The railing squeaks with
Rickety impermanence
A prelude to the wind
& rain & snow & sun
Bees buzz my head
Figuring I’m more weed
Than flower / not worth
A sup or a sting while I
Take another sip of
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Coffee I’d bought in some
Farm market in upstate
New York / should stick
To their wine / cheaper
Easier to pronounce

Reading Some of the
Dharma / a forgotten
Kerouac unknown to me
Familiar words buzz my
Head / Here / it’s the
Heat / not the humidity
Makes me see my world
In a way I thought was
Particular / guess I was
Wrong ’cause wherever
I am it seems the same
Which is a bit comforting
Less confusing / you got
To make your own honey
From any available beauty
Just don’t stick me with
The bill


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