no future

i keep hearing there’s no future for me
like a sadaam loyalist
like a talaban
like that japanese soldier
20 years after the war on a desert island
the last green revolution
opposed to jobs
with too many chicks too many horses cows
strawberries haystacks
and no neighbors
no comrades
no family no future
a new new economy

i’m about to take the team & mower to 2 mile to start haying —
horseback, chairman of the board,
moving with a team
hippie kingpin shearing sheep

did she ever love me?

the drift into isolation . . .
i’m on the way back to finish a flock in the valley
dirty exhausting work

she wanted me to drive a school bus
i wanted to hook the bees up to a computer

being together is only observable by being apart
another rad bumper sticker gets retired to the fiddle case
stop mountain removal

i sleep to escape this nightmare
this cold dreary weather —
need to unload the mowing machine
find the horses — hay is ripe

the fear really geared up at waco
ran a nail into it
felt worse than it was
connie started removing her radical bumperstickers

i made $100 in two painfilled days
could have been kilt

jim chojnacki & wendy shaffer

One thought on “no future

  1. kathy says:

    Lots of interesting words in this. It gives me a sense of how Jim must talk…

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