Monthly Archives: July 2007

marian wakes

marian in the big round refrigerator in the clouds
her eyes finally open
the rows of staples in her peach fuzz brain
describing a missing piece of pie

i tell marian
that all the exercising
she’s done with her brain —
listening to three radios at one time
while reading five books —
has made her brain fit,
ready for more calisthenics
when it heals.

her long cool brown fingers
open & close on the bed sheet.
i cover her hand with mine.

here in the refrigerator of broken bodies
i’m remembering all the nights quickly glimpsing
marian’s whole head her soft
voice running on as i climb the stairs
to bed not knowing
how much i loved her
until now,

never listening

so carefully

for just one word

wendy shaffer

Deja Vu

I don’t know which way to go —
just which way not to go

sometimes I go there

and remember why

Kimberley Diamond Bones


The only time I’m alone is
When I’m with someone else

The only stories I read are
The ones savagely missing

From the paper / it’s a hard
Act to follow with too many

Curious witnesses to a lie
That never forgets the truth

The radio subjects us to ugly
Songs of static / we only hear

What we imagine / making it
Up as we go …

…have you ever
Seen a bird flying backwards