my baby & me

we never had a chance
our straitjacket smiles & white bread touch
our fears jogging around the iron tracks
inside our mudpie brains

it was a starched collar affair
a mussolini of the minds
boot camp love —
we girded our sphincters
& locked our big money hearts
away in the brinks truck

we couldn’t relax
each trapped in separate metronome time,
each chiseling the cornerstone
of our space station fight plans

we said we were floating on a hurricane
dancing free on molten lava
but we were only clever spiders
waiting in future’s cemetary

alone now
a bonsai in her girdle
a drum machine in a mausoleum

wendy shaffer

One thought on “my baby & me

  1. charlotte says:

    beautiful! snap-snap. a wonderful poem.

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