loose debris

once i followed the tamborine summer breeze to hessler street
my zelda fitzgerald silk scarf trailing in the patchouli convertible wind
through lavender leaves, the mint river of my longing

in my kool-aid frock i danced the dance of the early evening worm,
tiny violet flowers waving their arms, the willow weeping song

how my inner yoga teacher unloosed her leg irons
when i tasted the 60’s psychedelic popsicle
that day we licked the mixing bowl clean

how my tent dress memories sizzle across hot
mentor headlands sand, the salt tower mountains
of industry peaking at grand river,
bilge loads of imported organisms now this
dead spot in the lake

we can only wait
for epiphanies breaking loose
like meteor showers in our radiant minds,
for the interplanetary pebbles & debris of antiquated practice
to ignite in searing friction

we can only remember
& then forget,
set ourselves free
in the neighborhood of a friendly constellation

wendy shaffer

One thought on “loose debris

  1. Soooo Good to see some of your evocative, penetrating stuff here again…

    ~ Alex

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