the everglades between my knees

venus swings off from the weeping willow
in the bailey’s mint chocolate evening
a washcloth to soothe her mosquito squeaking nerves.

venus deep in the everglades
in her tight black spandex cocktail dress;
she picks a buttercup for her south swamp ride,
her thighs squeezing her motorcycle like an oversized dildo,
a bill clinton carrot.

the smog of her summer need trickles rain sweat
down the small of her blues guitar back,
her vulva swollen ripe fruited & squishy,
her need like a skyline
appearing out of fog.

she’s down brown in a flooded basement victorian wet news,
a dream of quartz & summer release
soft as mink,
the tongue of a furry red dog,
hose thru hammer thru fist,
a fractured fall
home to the spring shower waterbed
the sticky jungle of her heart.

wendy shaffer

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