Bullet Brain

In the church the wood-boned orphan — soul minister becomes Christ
     fate; he fashions no wings of dream-bone, papal claws
     which sermons gorge crucifixion visions.
In the rag born streets of headless doctrine & ewenich
    commandment, star spread far & dumb, who dares to draw my
    death across rotting skull already filling with worms under
     rubble satori?
In the basement, new worship at white thighs, garden love under smoke
     blaze halos, news of car bombings Al Jazera bonsai sneak
     prostration stabbings of Ghost & Vishnu before heavy

Mosque swallowed in inferno mortuary —

Cain cannibalizes on funeral elephant processions wearing
    umbilical Kali Ma shawl denouncing the visions of his wombed
    fetuses to be spectre magicians inviting God,
    Itself impregnate Abel with sweet pearl truth.
In the swamp, Kali re-emerges cold-witherings sweating His pubescent
    curly-haired sloth-skeleton rowing valley cosmic bones to long
    cool exhalation glum star breaths pressed into lotus, bleeding from
Kerry, drear vested before podium & man, Boston set afire on the
    teradactl oceans, Bush lobbbying short-armed AIDS bombs, gone
    away for Berea roll sleeves flip out patterns Dennis Northcutt
    morning grunt black-arsenal walk through
In the shelters, medicine men swap cigarettes for burlesque girl
    poker decks emptying membrane clay gods into garage cans
    licking their hands of immortality Gandhi-eyed-guerilla-terrorist-
    angels pull wool blankets over ahimsa lock-box, biting through
    tongue & lip
Maple rage orange-jump-suited bodies of truck-drivers civilian reformers
    swinging hammer unfurled before black-bed-sheet-eyes the Voice
    coming from veil careless caller’s sought indemnity what
    treacheries accrued with demons closed —
Rifle-insurgents plop Lotus-Land-calm-faced-sawed-off-heads on
    shoulder blades screaming ALLAH IS GREAT, GOD IS
Iraq police doth sign for yr shining puma in diamond night,
    airmailed, taped up amongst Golgothic sacs of boxed rice,
    bananas & soy while Muhammad’s baby-teeths call
    for American Sow to be flung in the mandharva moonshine &
    shredded with Ovid’s anthrax-tipped arrows reciting Rumi;
thinking hollow-barreled threat diggings upon snowy-temple
In the meditation hall, yr sirens are starved & estranged eating each other
    for silence, black & white television rolling over turbine of filtered
    eminent ghost-meat.
In the dying shadow late Sunday gleam, suburban diesel mothers drop off
    tee-ball tricksters for cold soda & butane grilled flesh.
teen-agers mirthed in bad girl swapping huddles on boys,
    brick movie palace sleeping on neon shows, black-eyed
     audiences no escape celluloid dream.
I slip back in my fate-bones weakened by useless warding off of Death &
     Her Dominion
This world is Her abiding place
Queen Bullet Brain, I light a cigarette/break bread with the howls of
hungers/eating my mind.

Paul Skyrm

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