I could get used

I could get used
to 4 in the morning
even the birds begin
to sing at 4 in the
morning maybe it’s
the way your eyes
look when you smile
or the way your hair meets your ear never
before have I been tied
to a kitchen chair. When
I was a child I
played the game Red
Rover and I remember
the day that Debbie
and I cried Red Rover Red
Rover let Donna come over
well anyway I ended up
with a cracked skull
but Debbie’s grandmother knew
just what to do she
took a knife and she
made the blade cold
with some ice and then
she pressed it against my
head. I say this because it
is a simple game either
the opponent breaks through
tethered hands or he
is trapped by them.

Today just before
The sun begins to
Rise I will
Kneel by the side
Of the bed and I
Will say a prayer
For you and then
When I am finished
I will begin to
Pray for myself.

Russell Vidrick

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