no agenda

you’re looking for your mind
in a green bottle
you’re peeling off words
but the words don’t fit
try them on
this one’s too baggy
your meaning flaps around inside it
a white flag in the wind
but i’m the one
who’s surrendering
i surrender
to unwashed streets and headaches
every morning
to running water
water stunned
at a breakwall
water standing still
in a room full of smoke
water spiraling towards the center
of the earth

outside, a man is walking with his umbrella
carried in front of him
like a shield
i have so many shields
i can’t even tell you
who lives inside me
or what she wants
and i’m still getting rained on
you tell me
you don’t know what you want
that you have no agenda

let’s get out of this closed room
and walk through the drizzling rain
the buds are holding onto the branches
with the grip of infants
tiny green fists
i’m tired of opening poems
and finding corpses
dried blood
blood running public
in the streets
life goes on
let’s get out in the rain
we don’t need any umbrellas

wendy shaffer

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