the first time we slept together

the first time we slept together
we curled away from each other
at the same time
and put our heads between pillows.
you looked back over at me
and asked if i always slept like that
as if i were copying you.
we slept like that every night
for three years
curled up and hiding between pillows,
our feet sticking out.

our requirements for sleep
were exactly the same.
in all other things
i followed you
never stating my preference,
getting angrier
every day.
how sad —
our requirements for living
each day
were very different.

wendy shaffer

wendy shaffer

One thought on “the first time we slept together

  1. kathy says:

    Did this one a lot. Full of insight. Feel infused with the possibility that I might write poems again after reading yr stuff. Inspiring.

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