drinking water

she wasn’t paying attention
when all her planets slipped
out of orbit & started going
she was building
a better mousetrap
green pus
trying to be
a quantum mechanical particle
anything —
but paying attention.

so many distractions . . .
all those out of control fires
serial murder tv series
fathers going
postal, the endless plodding LA freeway
of the OJ white bronco chase,
the president’s dick
getting sucked, brad
with gwyneth, brad with jen,
brad with angelina jolie —
and what is angelina doing
at davos?

it’s true that one
out of seventeen americans believe
that christmas is the birth
of santa claus
that each day
30,000 children
of poverty belly

of diarrhea
caused by lack
of clean water

but she isn’t paying attention
even, as one of the lucky twelve
percent of the world’s humans who use
eighty-five percent of its water,
she’s addicted to news
print television radio computer —
but now she is so remote
even to herself
she may as well be stardust
trapped in frozen smoke
she feels
like her parts don’t fit

watch out
she’s gotten into the emergency
she’s overdosing
on prozac
she’s finding
in her paycheck
and here come all her planets
skipping & bouncing
flying back
in the right direction —
she’s filling every moment with her upturned
cheshire grin screwing others
and being screwed
in return

wendy shaffer

3 thoughts on “drinking water

  1. Hooray for frozen smoke!!!
    Sur wishtah unnerstoo’dis potree stuv…

  2. Ritesh (Ryan) says:

    The poem was awsome, the thought was very deep,
    I am looking forward to read more of such poem .
    Ryan …….who talked to you on phone

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