I was driving — I think at night —
thru the hills of Pennsylvania on the turnpike
and I’d taken a toke and all of a sudden
my vision blacked out I couldn’t see
and I said

Well that’s interesting,
but if you’re going to play this way you
have to tell me the rules, give me a clue —

and all of a sudden I could see a U.
This giant U appeared, like it’s odd,
I can’t tell you where it was but this
giant U appeared. And when the U
would start to tilt and go to the left,
I would tilt the wheel and make
it go back straight. And after a while
my vision came back in, and I could
see again, and I was right in my lane,
going around a corner, and I was right
where I was supposed to be!

I never panicked, never worried
but said OK if you’re gonna change
the rules you gotta give me a clue.

That might have been DMT. It all
gets confusing after a while.

Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith, a collaboration

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