barbara & her magic vagina

barbara could shoot ice cubes
out her twat
she worked at a place called the nest
dirty little place
it wasn’t no bigger
maybe twice the size of this room
and they was naked
butt naked
for five dollars you could kiss with them strippers

after these girls got done dancing on the stage
they would come around and feel you
to feel if you were hard
it was all right
pretty all right

barbara had dark brown hair
but of course no hair downstairs
made her twat look like a thanksgiving turkey

she had some excess skin
where most normal women didn’t have it

her crotch lips looked like chewed up bubble gum

after she shot out the cubes
she sprayed whip cream
all over herself
and rubbed it in

young man
impressionable mind
that type of scenery —
never be the same

it was pretty unreal
because most of the girls there were pretty
except old barbara

i never did spend no five dollars at the nest

wendy shaffer

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