a spiritual thing

sexuality is a spiritual thing
but he needs the key
he’s been checking
and all those buddhists were married
the monks made little trips
to the geisha house
and st. francis was doing everybody
the only one who claimed
he wasn’t doing anything
was jesus
and he knows jesus was doing something

sometimes he looks at me
sitting up in front of the room
and i look so pretty
with my make-up and red lips and red cheeks
and sometimes i’m sitting in my chair
with one of my legs up
wearing a skirt
and he knows people are wondering
what’s up between my legs
and that’s disgusting

it all depends on how he wakes up
he could wake up happy or sad or afraid
or horny
and it isn’t anyone specific he’s thinking about
he just wakes up horny

the only habit he has left is sex
and if that’s tooken away
they’ll make him a saint

wendy shaffer

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