I was so much in the flow in Brahman, Michigan.
I walked half a mile up to the highway, stuck out
my thumb, and a guy drove me all the way from
Brahman, Michigan to Chagrin Falls in Ohio. One
way, door-to-door

And during that time–DMT time–I had collaged
my notebook with word balloons from comic books
and at least twice on that time word balloons would
answer my questions, like one time I asked my
notebook What should I do now?

And a word balloon said, Well, now we eat

And later it was raining so I was high up
under a highway underpass, smoking DMT-soaked
parsley and reading one of my religious books
a small, black Brotherhood book

I looked up and it was still raining, and I looked
down and saw I had 20, 30 pages left to go and I said
Well, I’ll finish the book, and when I stop
the rain will stop, the sun will come out

I finished the book, rain stopped, sun came out

I stood up in laughter, said some sort of joke
to God, to reality, and it was at God’s expense,
and I stood up laughing

Lost my balance, and ended up sitting in a
puddle of rainwater

I made joke on God, God made joke on me
by getting my ass wet

On the way back–hitchhiking back–this
very attractive girl pulled over and picked me up
and she said, Oh shit, if you’re going to kill
me, kill me now

And then she explained that she was on
speed and she had to have somebody to talk to

And I said, I can help that, and I reached
down into my pack and she flinched,
and I pulled out my pipe and some marijuana,
and got her stoned

And she drove me all the way back to
Michigan and gave me her phone number
but at that point I was being faithful to
another man’s wife and never called her.
That was one of my regrets

Kathy Steve collab — Kathy Ireland Smith & Steven B. Smith

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