the love children of the unfinished suicides

your love screeches like a high speed motor
trapped in a locked garage
someone is dying
someone is sucking
carbon dioxide
thick sleep

while children beg
at the elbow of indifference
to turn around

it’s all a game

he says
“if you felt rejected with him
you’ll really feel
with me”

this isn’t about love
father’s tongue loose fish
child at the hospital bed

turn around
mr. loose sack indifference
turn around

but the sun still comes up
burning love into the population
our feet cold
our hearts blue with unnatural gas

next time around
you won’t look for love
you’ll look for something safer
something without doors or hoses
a simple meal at mealtime
an escort where no escort is required
a piece of cake

here —
wipe that crumb from your mouth
this date can’t last forever
tomorrow it will be monday
time to start a new life

wendy shaffer


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