messy cum shots on the computer
wet floor in the kitchen
the dying kittycat is pissed
because she’s pissed when
she’s pisseed — that’s usually
on the bed, the bathmat —
wherever — she plays imperial
to the last and suddenly
my pretend adopted adult russian son
has the most beautiful round
brown eyes, yielding & vulnerable
as a dream to suggestion
and some confusion of language,
of generation, of continents,
a confusion of six vodkas and one beer,
muddles between us
involving the possibilities
of messy cum shots
somewhere other than the computer —
and i walk away —
it’s so much easier to understand
my kittycat,
pissed because the comforters
fell over her food and her drink,
pissed because i was pissed
and didn’t feed her
the minute i woke up
pissed because i locked her in the bathroom
all day long

wendy shaffer


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