he walks straight up
into my body
(standing on the sidewalk)
asks if i know where
he can get some action
and i don’t move
one inch
i stand there

i don’t answer

and if you ask me
what i want
i’ll tell you it’s some
sensitive guy
who looks good in flowers
not some
death jacket pose
leather eye behind shades
walking a tall thin angle
and pointing his cowboy boots
at me
not some dark moon downer drinking coffee
and lying about his sexual exploits
not some extension of a motorcycle
and if you ask me
about the hook
why anyone would be attracted to someone
who used all his resources
making it look
like he didn’t even notice you
it’s because he’s only half a person
sloping at that cool angle
behind his disguises
so pale he looks like he’s dying
from terminal loneliness
and all he needs is you
you think you can turn him
into a human being
just by letting him in
but i don’t think that way
and if you ask me
i’ll tell you
i’ll be sleeping alone tonight
that’s what
i’ll tell you

wendy shaffer


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